Graphic Design


We can work with your existing style if you are happy with it. Or we can bring you a more modern twist to your graphics. Promoting yourself has never been easier; with the wide range of print solutions that are available there is no reason to hang back any more. Most companies have been around for some time and they have their major branding in place. We will take your existing graphics to create the leaflet you need or we can update images to ensure they have a crisp look.  If you are a new company we can help create the right brand to reflect your business and the way you want to be seen. Whatever you need, we make sure we understand what you want before we start working.

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Paper stuff

All the bits that get put into newspapers, handed out to customers, shown at conferences, the motel compendium that shows you what you need to know and the beer mat you put your drink on.

All these are examples of work that we have done. It’s as the customer needs – and provided everyone isn’t doing it we are pretty good at those last minute ‘needed this yesterday’ sort of situations.

The design process starts with what you need to convey – the words you want to use (and we can help with copy-writing if needed) and the images that you need to use.

Then we’ll do a few designs and you can refine the process from there. Work is usually sent to you in pdf format, but we can liaise with your printing people if you prefer – all that we ask is that you are the one who signs off on the artwork.

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A logo is not your brand, but it can help create a visual representation of your brand. It doesn’t have to reflect your services – just be clear. The best logos are simple and timeless. We also like to know that they will work in black and white (just to save you money if you want to print in black and white).

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From magazine articles to setting out books, from business cards to posters and pull up banners we have covered a wide range of projects.

From the smallest object (a pen) to a 4 metre wide banner and everything in between.  No two jobs are ever the same and they are all interesting to us.

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