People love taking photographs. Babies, cars, woolly hats, pets and buttons. Pretty much anything. Photography these days is much more accessible, cameras are cheaper and even the mobile phone has the capacity to snap great shots. So why are we busier than ever?

A few main reasons:

People are too busy to take the photos themselves and especially too busy to spend time in post-production on the computer – and who can afford the high end software?

They realise that they can’t get the professional finish they are after. Great photographs look quite simple, but a wine bottle shot can take half an hour to set up and the same again to perfect.

Some people don’t take fantastic photos (know anyone who still chops heads off in all their pictures?)


From race tracks to parades, vintage car shows to cycling stages, we can get you the photographs to record or promote you event.

Drop us a line with your query and we’ll get back to you to talk over the details.


The old cliché: A picture is worth a thousand words. But it is true.

Sadly some of the pictures companies use don’t actually deliver what they really want them to. If you are heading into print or on line with a photograph take a minute to think; is this a true reflection of your business? What message is it conveying? Are you happy with it?

If the photo is of a product, is it clear? Is the background white or is it staged to give the customer an idea of its use or value?

If the photo is of people do they all look smart, relaxed and happy? There is a reason we use generic pictures from picture libraries – they use models who smile and look relaxed and happy for a living.


Given the opportunity some of us would quite happily sit and wait for many hours for that rare and elusive photograph of an animal in the wild. We dream of kites plucking mice from a head of corn (unlikely) numbats slurping termites in the gentle shaft of sunlight (more likely but still lotto odds) and pygmy possums feeding by the light of the moon (just about possible). Worse still – we’d actually like to photograph a tiger snake striking its prey – something small preferably. We have a bucket list that includes photographing baby birds hatching, an osprey plucking a fish from the water, pelicans feeding their young, horses galloping along the beach…

Wildlife pictures are normally sold through istock and Alamy, but we will also use them for clients if appropriate. Quite a few have been used in books and there are plans for a coffee table photo book in the next year.

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Sometimes a snap just doesn't do it. That's where we can help, from relaxed portraits to more formal photographs, having a portrait of a loved one is a fabulous keepsake - and by loved one we definitely include those pets! Between us we own quite a variety of dogs, horses, cats, chickens and occasional rodents and it's always good to have a special photo of them.


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Weddings can also be arranged - this is such a personal decision that we prefer to meet and take a few photos well before the day to ensure that not only are the bride and groom a perfect match but that we will fit in - considering the number of photographs and time we'll be spending together - and the demands we make of you and your guests its vital that we gel.

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We all love the scenery, but capturing it is a real art form and one that we all acknowledge we are not disciplined enough at to make this a feature - but sometimes you just have to press the button.

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